Get Paid For Going The Extra Mile

The Citywide Accessible Dispatch Program is here! With service in all five boroughs, Accessible Dispatch is no longer just for drivers working in Manhattan—drivers working throughout the City, including drivers of green accessible vehicles, now have the opportunity to pick-up Accessible Dispatch trips too. Start accepting trips today and experience all the benefits Accessible Dispatch has to offer:

Earn More With Dispatch Payments.

Earning extra cash has never been easier! For every trip you complete, you’ll earn a dispatch payment. You’ll receive payments the same way you get paid by your TPEP/LPEP provider for other credit card trips.

Easy-to-Use Technology. No Enrollment.

It’s simple to accept a trip! All accessible vehicles have easy-to-use TPEP/LPEP devices, with a touchscreen system. Accepting trips and getting to your next pick-up is now easier than ever.

Take Trips From Anywhere & Serve More Passengers.

With citywide coverage, Accessible Dispatch offers yellow and green drivers of accessible vehicles the opportunity to provide accessible trips in all five boroughs—giving you access to more passengers.

Make NYC More Accessible For All.

Transportation is an invaluable resource for individuals with disabilities. Contribute to the public good by making New York City more accessible for everyone.

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Take More Trips. Earn More Cash.

When you take Accessible Dispatch trips, you’ll make more per trip with dispatch payments. Take a look at the charts below!

Please Note : If you have three or more passengers please call us at 646-599-9999.

Manhattan Pickups – Dispatch Payment Schedule

Distance to
Pickup Location
Dispatch Payment
For Passenger No Show
Dispatch Payment
For Passenger Cancellation
Up to 0.5 $10 $15 $0
0.5 – 1 $15 $20 $10
1 – 1.5 $20 $25 $15
1.5 – 2 $25 $30 $20
Over 2 $30 $35 $25
Necessary tolls added to payment above at EZ-Pass rate

Outer Borough Pickups – Dispatch Payment Schedule

Distance to
Pickup Location
Dispatch Payment
For Passenger No Show
Dispatch Payment
For Passenger Cancellation
Up to 0.5 $6 $11 $0
0.5 – 1 $10 $15 $5
1 – 2 $12.50 $17.50 $7.50
2 – 3 $15 $20 $10
3-5 $20 $25 $15
More Than 5 $25 $30 $20
Necessary tolls added to payment above at EZ-Pass rate

About Accessible Dispatch

Accessible Dispatch launched in September 2012 as a 24/7 accessibility program, with the goal of connecting New Yorkers who use wheelchairs and other mobility aids to accessible taxis at no extra cost. Now, the Citywide Accessible Dispatch Program offers citywide accessible services in yellow and green wheelchair accessible vehicles. With this expanded coverage, both yellow and green drivers are key partners in delivering citywide accessible service.

Accessible Dispatch Taxi driver assists woman in wheelchair get into green WAV.

How Does It Work?

With the new Citywide Accessible Dispatch Program, drivers will receive trips from dispatchers during their shift. Trips are dispatched through the vehicle’s TPEP/LPEP equipment based on your GPS location and availability. As long as you are on duty and logged into your TPEP/LPEP, you remain in communication with our dispatchers and are eligible to take Accessible Dispatch trips.

When you are available and selected by the dispatcher, a trip notification will appear on your TPEP/LPEP screen. You must accept the trip. Once you accept the trip, you cannot pick up a street hail or other pre-arranged trip.

How Do I Enroll?

No enrollment necessary! All drivers operating yellow or green accessible vehicles are eligible to take Accessible Dispatch trips. Remember, to operate a wheelchair accessible vehicle, you must have completed Wheelchair Passenger Assistance Training through an authorized school.

How Do I Track My Payments?

VeriFone Drivers: If you’re a VeriFone driver, you can check your balance directly on your DIM screen when you are not active on a trip. The sum will appear at the top left.

CMT Drivers: If you’re a CMT driver, you can check the payment by logging into CMT’s portal, Fleetnet, which can be accessed on a PC or tablet. Alternatively, drivers can reach out to our customer service team to check dispatch payment balances.

Accessible Dispatch Wants Your Feedback!

If you have questions, compliments, or complaints, please let us know by calling our driver hotline at 646-942-5957 or email us at

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