About Accessible Dispatch

Accessible Dispatch launched in September 2012 as a 24/7 accessibility program, with the goal of connecting New Yorkers who use wheelchairs and other mobility aids to accessible vehicles at no extra cost. Coming this fall, Accessible Dispatch will offer citywide accessible services in yellow and green wheelchair accessible vehicles. Featuring expanded coverage and more accessible vehicles, mobility impaired residents and visitors can now access the city like never before.

Here’s How it Works (Beginning This Fall)

    how it works
    STEP 1: Request a ride using one of the following methods:
    Call our dispatch center directly at (646)-599-9999
    Use the Accessible Dispatch mobile app
    Book online
    STEP 2: Accessible Dispatch sends the closest available wheelchair accessible vehicle to your pick-up location.

    STEP 3: You will receive a confirmation from the Accessible Dispatcher that includes the taxi number, which will allow you to easily find your driver. The Dispatcher may also communicate with you directly if the driver has trouble finding you.

    STEP 4: When you find your taxi, your driver will provide assistance in helping you enter using the vehicle’s ramp as needed. They will also secure you using the vehicle’s wheelchair securement system.

    STEP 5: At your destination, your driver will help you exit the vehicle and get safely to the curb.

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Accessible Dispatch wants your feedback!

If you have any questions, compliments, or complaints about your trip, please let us know by calling us at (646)-599-9999 or emailing us at accessibledispatch@mtm-inc.net .

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