Disabled young adult being advised

Project Possibility: Creating a Future for NYC’s Disabled Youth

Project Possibility is one of the youth and transition service programs provided by INCLUDEnyc. Through this program, they work diligently with disabled young adults, ages 16-26, by providing 1:1 assistance/direct support with their transition out of high school into post-secondary programs. Participants create and put in place a practical plan designed to lead to job training, employment, higher education, or other productive community engagement.

To be more specific, they are able to:

  • Help disabled students acquire vocational assessments from school
  • Help disabled students develop self-advocacy skills
  • Take part in IEP meetings and create transition plans
  • Assist disabled students with finding and applying for post-secondary programs, such as high school and college.
  • Help families that cater to disabled youth understand diploma and credential options
  • Assist disabled students with their applications for ACCES-VR services
  • Assist disabled students with applying for OPWDD services
  • Help disabled students fight for accommodations in post-secondary programs

If you’re interested in this amazing program and would like to learn more about it, please call the INCLUDEnyc resource Line at 212-677-4660 or visit http://www.includenyc.org/content/our_programs.

NOTE: Project Possibility was launched with support from the Hecksher Foundation for Children.


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