A Useful Resource Guide for People with Disabilities Living in NYC

The NYC Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities has an amazing list of resources for NYC’s disabled community. Here’s a preview of what you can find:

    • A list of recreational and culture resources in New York City that are accessible. For instance, museums, movie theaters, live entertainment venues, organizations that provide individual travel arrangements and customized escorted tours around the world for people with disabilities, and more!


    • A list of safe and affordable public and private transportation services designed to accommodate the needs of individuals with disabilities. For example, ferries, airport transportation and more.


    • Information about various education resources such as schools that focus on one or more disabilities, high school transition programs, scholarships available for people with disabilities, early intervention assistance resources, etc.


  • Helpful resources, services, and benefits available for housing

Click here to see the entire list of resources!

Even if you’re not disabled, please help us spread more awareness by passing this blog post along to someone you know with a disabled family member or someone living with a physical disability. Thanks in advance!

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