Featured Image -- Google Needs Your Help Tagging Wheelchair Accessible Locations

Google Needs Your Help Tagging NYC Accessible Locations

Google Maps made some pretty cool updates last year. They included details about the wheelchair accessibility of businesses and other locations. This information is highlighted alongside basic business information like hours and telephone numbers. But unfortunately, many entries still lack such information about accessible locations.

This is because Google Map users are not helping enough (Google relies on users for a lot of information they put out). As a result, they are now looking to the public to help make navigating the world easier for people with disabilities. They’re promoting their new Google Maps features in many ways. For instance, a one-page guide to help individuals assess locations they visit (click here to check it out).

Below, you’ll find an amazing video from Google’s blog post earlier this month covering this topic. It’s about Chicagoean, Michele Lee. She suffered a fatal car accident at the age of 20 that left her handicapped. Follow along to see how she now explores downtown Chicago in a wheelchair.

Lastly, do a little research about Local Guides Connect and find out how Local Guides can make a difference in people’s lives by sharing accessibility information on Google Maps. People with mobility issues also need information about places before they arrive. They need to know if they’re destination has a stair-free entrance, whether or not there is an accessible restroom, and so much more. Let’s help them out.


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