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7 Great Reasons to Book a Ride With Us

If you’re a disabled New Yorker we know it can be tough getting around the city at times. Between all the extra foot traffic around you, cold weather, etc, it can be frustrating to go out.

With that said, here are 7 great reasons to book a ride with Accessible Dispatch whenever you need to leave your home:

1. Personal Service: Our drivers are trained to place you in the vehicle and get you out of the car at your destination. No need to lift a finger! Just sit back and enjoy the ride.

2. Get around with ease: Go through less hassle to get to where you or you and your friends need to be. Our taxis are always available and our drivers will come right to you. No need to walk to a busy intersection to try and flag down a taxi or ride the busy subway. Get to your destinations and get back home faster.

3. You’re important to our drivers: Our drivers are incentivized to pick you up. This helps to make you a top priority for drivers. Getting a ride will be no problem.

4. Track your ETA: Every ride is tracked from start to finish on our mobile app. You can follow along as you’re on the trip. No need to worry about when exactly you’ll arrive. Stay in the know!

5. Service animals are allowed in all vehicles: Yes. Service animals are permitted in all of our wheelchair accessible vehicles.

6. Affordable fares: Accessible Dispatch is affordable and gets you where you need to go.

7. Privacy: No need to share your ride. If you feel like being alone on your way to your destination simply request a ride with us.

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