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The 2018 New York Metro Abilities Expo Recap

If we could sum up the 2018 New York Metro Abilities Expo with one word, it would be ‘excellent.’

The parking lot was packed, shuttles were in and out of the venue dropping off attendees all day and hundreds of people made their way through a wide array of booths, including ours! The popular annual event is all about bringing necessary products and services for people with disabilities across the tri-state area together under one roof. Everybody in attendance either utilized a mobility device or knew someone who did, and although most of the attendees lived in New Jersey a large number of them came to the event from New York City.

While at the event, members of our outreach team spoke to countless wheelchair users and many caregivers about our citywide service expansion. Many of the New Jersey residents said before having the need to utilize a mobility device they were more frequent visitors to New York City. They also expressed their excitement about the ability that Accessible Dispatch gives them to have options to get back home to the NJ area at any time of day, any day of the week. New York City residents we interacted with were most excited about the service expansion to all five boroughs, the option of using the app, and option that the service provides them to get to their medical appointments.

Many of the riders that we came across gave outstanding reviews and a lot of parents currently use the program to get their children with mobility restrictions to and from classes and school functions. So please spread the word – citywide Accessible Dispatch service is here!

“We’re happy to know that the government and organizations are actually realizing that people with disabilities matter also…”
– Caregiver

We’ll see you at the New York Metro Abilities next year! Feel free to check out images from the event below:

  • An attendee of the 2018 abilities expo speaking with a team member of the Accessible Dispatch program
  • 2018 abilities expo attendee standing in front of the Accessible Dispatch booth and speaking with one of the program's dispatchers

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