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Review the videos and documents on this page to familiarize yourself with how to accept Accessible Dispatch trips and safely transport passengers who utilize wheelchairs.

Vehicle Ramp Operation & Safety

The safety of our drivers and passengers is important to us. To ensure we always provide a safe and enjoyable experience, we continuously provide drivers with the latest in accessibility training. Find your vehicle model below to learn more about how to operate your vehicle’s ramp, as well as learn about your vehicle’s specific safety features.

Year Model Ramp Type/ Converter Ramp Operation/ Instructional Resources
15-16 Nissan NV 200 BraunAbility Nissan NV 200 Ramp Training Video

Nissan NV 200 Taxi Brochure

Tips for a Successful WAV Trip: Nissan NV 200

16-17 Toyota Sienna Accessible Mobility Works
16-17 Toyota Sienna Accessible BraunAbility Toyota Sienna Accessible Ramp Training – BraunAbility

Tips for a Successful WAV Trip: Toyota Sienna

16-17 Toyota Sienna Accessible FR Conversions Toyota Sienna Accessible Ramp Training – FR Conversions
16-17 Dodge Caravan Accessible Mobility Works
16-17 Dodge Caravan Accessible BraunAbility Dodge Caravan Accessible Ramp Training – BraunAbility

Tips for a Successful WAV Trip: Dodge Caravan

16-17 Dodge Caravan Accessible FR Conversions Dodge Caravan Accessible Ramp Training – FR Conversions 
16 Ford Transit Connect Taxi Accessible Mobility Works


With the expansion to citywide service, Accessible Dispatch now features upgraded in-vehicle technology that serves as the main communication channel between drivers and dispatchers. This technology features maps with turn-by-turn directions, and is seamlessly integrated into your vehicle’s TPEP/LPEP system.

TPEP/LPEP Operation

With easy-to-use technology, it’s simple to accept a trip! All accessible vehicles have easy-to-use TPEP/LPEP devices. With a full color, touchscreen system that clearly displays Accessible Dispatch trips, accepting trips and getting to your next pick-up is now easier than ever. The screens will also clearly indicate the dispatch payment you can expect for completing the trip

Accessible Dispatch TPEP/LPEP Device use and steps for drivers to click

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